Our Story

Mary“Feel this …something’s not right,” she said to her husband.  Our company founder discovered a lump on her right breast.  Panic set in.  Could this be cancer?  

It had been five months since her dad suddenly passed away from cancer.  Since then, Mary felt a renewed sense of urgency concerning her own body and wanted to make sure her family did everything they could to educate themselves on the warning signs of cancer.  She, her husband, and their teenage son, would all learn how to conduct breast and testicular self examinations.

Mary sought medical attention immediately.  Every hour that passed seemed like years as each medical visit turned into yet another appointment.  Along the way, she kept asking, “How does cancer feel?  Should I even be worried?  Do you have a sample I could feel?”  The answer was always “no.”  

After many appointments, Mary received the good news that the lump was not cancerous and she celebrated with her family.  Reflecting upon the experience, Mary and her husband imagined how beneficial it would be for families to have an at-home teaching kit to help understand what they were feeling for during self examinations, along with easy-to-understand animated instructions.

The Dual Gender Cancer Teaching Kit was created with guidance from our team of medical professionals.  At the heart of this company is a commitment to provide a quality teaching kit for men and women of all ages to physically experience what a cancerous tumor may feel like.  Education is the key to elevating awareness of this devastating disease and our hope is that the kit will help save lives through early cancer detection.

Once you learn what to feel for, you will Remember for Life®!